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Do you want to see transformation in the most challenging areas of your life? Do you want to be renewed from the inside out? Teresa’s latest book, Prayers that Change Us, will lead you through illuminating prayers and  strengthening your intimacy with God. Through a changing of  your heart and mind you will be lead into a more victorious Christian life. Don’t delay the change—with Prayers that Change Us.

"Just a sweet collection of helpful "at your fingertip" prayers. I love it and carry it with me when I'm out of town. Just a very sweet a calming read for me."- Donna R.

Looking for purpose? Wondering if your life has use beyond your home life? If you answered YES, this book can help! If you hunger for the Lord to use your skills, talents, and abilities in a business or ministry, then strap on your seat belt as you discover His purpose for you! As you read consider how to apply the principles shared in each chapter. You will not be disappointed! Trust that you were made in God’s image and for His glory, and that your past and present are a testimony for who you were meant to be. You are GOOD ENOUGH to be a Homemaker and CEO!

"This book was very encouraging that I am good enough to do all the things God has place in my heart as well as be a great wife, mother, sister, and friend. Thank you."-Kim

Want to learn how to win favor with people? This short, easy-to-read book unveils ten godly principles that empower you to win favor with people.

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