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Teresa Lusk 

Empowering individuals and nations to move beyond their past and present circumstances and into an extraordinary, supernatural life in Jesus Christ!

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Teresa understands that the supernatural life in Christ is still for today and should be a way of living for every Christian. This includes miracles, signs, and wonders such as laying on of the hands, healing, casting out demons, speaking in tongues, the prophetic, and so much more. This is accomplished through submission to the fullness of the Holy Spirit and His gifts as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, and the commandment given in Mark 16:15-18. Teresa's passion is to stir the believer, break religious traditions in the church, and to awaken and activate the church (Christians) in the fullness of the love and power of Jesus Christ. While her heart is to empower the church, she does not short-change living in holiness and being in the Word of God. You will witness bold, power-filled preaching and ministry in Teresa, and we trust your life will never be the same once you experience it for yourself.

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 After her salvation, Teresa realized she had much to heal from including the hurts of sexual abuse, teen parenting, dropping out of school in the 8th grade, substance use, participating in dark spiritual practices, and much more. Teresa Lusk understands that those who have been in the world and living in darkness as she once was, also need a supernatural, tangible, experience of the love and power of the living God.  Teresa knows the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit want to touch both the saved and the unsaved. This is why the church must rise in the fullness of whom God wants to be in every one of us! Teresa ministers in English and Spanish and has traveled around the USA, Belize, and Africa, and will continue to proclaim the gospel wherever the Lord sends her. While Teresa endured many heartaches, both self-imposed and brought on by others, she has not allowed that to hold her back. Although she dropped out in the eighth grade, she is not the "8th-grade dropout". Teresa’s education includes an Associate of Arts in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in Psychology, Religion, and Biblical Counseling, and she earned a Master's in Professional Counseling. Teresa has also written several books, including; Unapologetically Free: Deliverance and Freedom through the Spirit-Filled Life, Prayers that Change Us, and Good Enough to be a Homemaker and CEO.  Teresa is the Prophet and Pastor of Beyond Freedom church which trains, licenses, and ordains ministers for the work within and outside the church walls. 

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