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Teresa Lusk Ministries (TV) is a prophetic word that came to pass. From early on in Teresa’s Christian walk, she secretly desired to be on television. She would watch the preachers on television and something would stir on the inside of her. She felt a burning in her spirit to reach many with the Word of God and to unapologetically change their lives as the Lord God did with her. Women and men such as Pastor Paula White, Marylyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, Pastor Jentzen Franklin, and many others were early role models for Teresa in this dream. Teresa believed that if she shared with someone that she wanted to be on television to preach the Word of God and empower viewers just as she once had been reached, they would think she was crazy or unrealistic. One day, a prophet from Africa, who had never met Teresa, spoke a Word of Knowledge and a prophetic word to her that she would be on television. The fruition of this word came approximately five years later.


Teresa Lusk Ministries (TV) is currently airing on The Now Network. The program airs in the U.S. and internationally on Tuesdays at 11:30 pm, CST.

If this television assignment and call for Teresa Lusk Ministries stirs your heart and you would like to partner so that we may expand, please sign through the donate page. We appreciate you greatly!

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