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Who We Are

True Story Publisher is America's hybrid publisher serving professionals and ministry leaders looking for a place to actualize and further establish their professional and creative thoughts through an upscale product.

At, True Story Publisher, we look forward to working with authors who recognize the power and value of professionalism, creative expression, and an elegant finished product. 

We welcome ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, women in ministry, and good ol' wise individuals to submit your work. For consideration on becoming a True Story Publisher (TSP) author, you will need to submit a pdf file of your fully completed manuscript. The manuscript should have gone through a basic level of copyediting. TSP will often refer authors to other publishers if we do not feel we can take on the project. We encourage authors to submit their manuscripts if they believe they have a book that is professionally and creatively written and could be used as a tool for empowerment to our current generation including readers, professionals, ministry leaders, and other authors. 

Your True Story Publisher Package Includes: 

• Cover Layout for print version with surrendered intellectual property rights
• Cover layout for digital versions (e-book) with surrendered intellectual property rights
• Complete custom and original graphic treatment throughout interior of the book
• Custom social media share graphics
• Full interior layout and design
• Complete setup on both Amazon & Draft2 digital for Ingram Sparks
• ISBN number and barcode
• Creative content coaching as needed
• Full E-version conversion
• Full E-version Setup for Kindle, and other mainstream outlets
• Copywriters creation page
• Full digital dashboard creation for print and eBook versions
• Complete walkthrough for client regarding ordering from Amazon
• Full editing and proofing of "BOOK NAME”
• Formatting for print copies
• Formatting for ebook distribution
• Full layout and design for both print and ebook versions

We reserve the right to offer the author an opportunity to purchase a book promotion sponsorship on, The Teresa Lusk Show! 

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