Without Hunger

Mark 8:28-34 lays out a story about a town that Jesus came to when he is met with two demon possessed men. Their possession was so extreme that most people could not safely pass them by until Jesus, most High God showed up. Fast forward a bit and these demons begin to negotiate with Jesus regarding their temporary destiny and they end up possessing a herd of pigs! This deliverance and repossession were so extreme that this became the talk of those in town and beyond and their consensus was to demand that Jesus leave their area.

Why didn’t this overtly supernatural act not cause these people to surrender to the Living God? Why didn’t it cause a hunger within them to ask Jesus questions about what just happened? What kept them from asking Jesus to train them to deal with this phenomenon should it occur again? A lack of hunger is what happened. This is no different today. I meet many who lack hunger for anything beyond the comfortable, God in a box, or God at a distance only knowledge they possess today. And, more times than not, not only is there a lack of hunger, but a spirit of rebellion is usually guarding the doors of their spi