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Understanding the Gift of Prophecy

The gift of prophecy is very near and dear to my heart. I have loved it from the beginning and have learned to grow and trust the Lord to speak to me regarding someone’s life or the church as a whole.

With prophecy, you foretell and tell forth. In forth-telling, you will unapologetically speak the Word of God boldly at that moment for His purposes. There is a general speaking God’s Word from the Bible, but there is also the fully endowed, anointed speaking forth.

Foretelling causes you to proclaim things that are to come in the future. Both are powerful, supernatural, and you will recognize the anointing that sets it forth. It is not your everyday basic preaching, proclaiming, and celebrating!

It's important to understand that anyone can prophesy, but not everyone is a prophet. A prophet is an office like that of a pastor. The prophetic gift edifies, builds you up, and removes the slugging spirit over you. It summons you to answer to voice, call, and assignment of God, and it removes sadness and delay! You can grow in this gift so ask the Lord to fine-tune your hearing that you may speak forth His Word and purpose over others. That the lost and the saved will be found renewed in their spirit!

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