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Understanding the Gift of Faith

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In 1 Corinthians, chapter 12, the Word of God states that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is given to us all (that believe) that we may all profit. One significant way to profit is for us to operate in the gift or grace of faith of the Holy Spirit. This is God’s heart—to manifest Himself to His children and to the lost. The gift of faith is not talked about as often in the manner in which it truly consists of here on earth.

Some well-meaning people have minimized the gift to faith to getting saved or believing the Lord for a good plan for our lives. However, Jesus wants and expects us to expand our borders of understanding and apply this in its fullness, that is, in a supernatural sense.

The gift of faith produces the unbelievable, literally. It multiplies food for the poor or the hungry as Jesus did. It causes the dead to come to back to life, literally, and it produces the answers to a challenging need when the challenge seems it has no hope at all.

Ask the Lord to show you real life examples of how this gift operates and to train you to trust the Holy Spirit enough to manifest the gift of faith. It is a powerful grace for the good of those He loves. The gift of faith can be applied to any area of your life and of those around you. Start practicing trusting the Lord in small things and watch this gift be magnified in your life and ministry to and for others! Put your uncommon ability to trust in Christ and His truth to the test! He loves people and you will not be disappointed.

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