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Stir Up Your Spiritual Appetite for Spiritual Manifestations

In Mathew 8:28-34, two demon-possessed men and received a mighty deliverance that came for them through the Lord, Jesus Christ. At the end of the story, even though the demons were cast out, and the lives of two men were forever changed, the town chose to send Jesus out of their presence. They could have sat at His feet to gain wisdom and training from the Lord Himself. These individuals could have received so much more than what they witnessed at that moment, but they not only turned their backs on what Jesus had to offer, but they made sure He would not leave behind any spiritual influence over them.

And behold, all the city came out to meet Jesus, and when they saw him,

they begged him to leave their region. - Matthew 8:34

We have to learn from these stories and learn to take hold of moments that the Lord provides for greater understanding, revelation, and experiential living for our spiritual life. Thorough moments that we may not always understand, our library of God experiences could grow. Let’s be people who allow moments of God’s mercy and manifestations draw our hearts closer to Him and cause us to want to stir up our spiritual appetites that we may receive more and more from Him.

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