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How to Activate the Gift of the Interpretation of Tongues

I grew up speaking Spanish and am thankful that I can dialogue with many, even those from other countries whose languages are similar. I also know and understand how frustrating it is to hear any language and not know what is being communicated.

Tongues can be that way if we attempt to speak it and demand corporate attention to what we are saying in a tongue. The Lord instructed us in His Word to be sure we pray for the interpretation or to seek those who will have the interpretation of the tongue if we believe He is speaking to the church body (1 Corinthians 14).

Many have attempted to hush tongues with or without interpretation because they have misunderstood what it means to not speak in a tongue unless there is someone to interpret. The reality is, that if we are going to command attention in a public setting and speak to the congregation as if we have been given a message, then yes, it must carry interpretation through us or others. It does not mean we cannot pray in a tongue while worshipping, praying, and fellowshipping with our fellow brothers and sisters. Not only can we receive the interpretation of a tongue for a corporate message, but we can also get it for ourselves as the Lord speaks.

The Lord wants His creation and children to hear His voice when He speaks to them, so why would He leave us in the dark? He won’t! Interpretation can come from anyone. So ready your heart, tell the Holy Spirit you are prepared and partnered with Him so that when He needs a volunteer to speak in a tongue or give an interpretation to a corporate body, He finds YOU faithful and ready to go!

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