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The nation is filled with wonderful speakers, preachers, and presenters to choose from.  So, our question to you is,  “What exactly are you looking for?". Teresa Lusk Ministries, as stated in our “About” page, ministers in the supernatural life in Christ, as we know it is still for today and should be a way of living for every Christian. This may include laying on of the hands for healing, casting out demons, speaking in tongues, prophetic, corporate deliverance and so much more through submission to the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, and the commandment given in Mark 16:15-18. Teresa preaches to awaken the believer, break the religious traditions of man (people) in the church, bring deliverance, and to activate the church (Christians) in the fullness of the love power of Jesus. While her heart is to empower the church to awaken in this, she will also challenge the church to live in holiness and to grow in the Word of God. You will witness bold, power-filled preaching and ministry with Teresa, and we trust your life will never be the same once you experience it for yourself!

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