Counseling & Life Coaching

Christian Counseling

Struggling individuals need to know that someone cares, that a new day will come, and that there are principles available to help them recover and rebuild. As a Christian Counselor (Pastoral), I utilize a conservative biblical foundation through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, and deliverance (freedom from demonic oppression) is often utilized to help the client become free. Whether you're a pastor who needs counseling for yourself, the whole family, a single mother, a widowed father, a divorcee, etc., there is hope! No one has to bear life’s difficulties alone, even if you have had a moral, spiritual, or emotional collapse. Se habla español.

Some of the issues that I personally minister to include: women's issues, self-esteem, grief, helping pastors and leaders in ministry recover from adultery pain and moral failure, heterosexual marriage issues and premarital counseling and preparation, family conflicts, life coaching, divorce, deliverance ministry (demonization), family conflicts, coping skills, life transitions, etc.

I hold a Master's in Professional Counseling and chose not to activate my state license so that I may offer the faith-based community the most unrestricted assistance through the Word of God. I am a Board-Certified Biblical Counselor by the American Association of Christian Counselors. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Psychology, Religion, and Biblical Counseling, and I am an ordained minister.


Life Coaching

You may not be looking for counseling but could use some help redirecting your life based on your life's goals. Life Coaching looks at your current circumstances, choices, thought patterns, and goals to set you up for success, whereas Christian Counseling would take a look at the past, present, people, and more to identify the culprit of pain and dissatisfaction. 


Life coaching areas include:

  • Starting a ministry

  • Developing self-esteem

  • Creating and finding a balance

  • Pursuing a business

  • Finding purpose 

  • Other growth areas based on your goals


My sessions are different than most counselors, both pastoral and professional in that each session is an hour and a half in duration and is $125.00. My goal as a Christian (pastoral) counselor is to empower you with enough tools within one to seven sessions. Most clients will find that within these number of sessions they acquire enough tools and encouragement to not need weekly appointments. Life coaching sessions are the same cost and the number of visits are up to the client. Please arrive on time and if you are not able to we will still have to end your session according to the time scheduled. We appreciate your consideration. Payment types accepted: cash, check, cash app, or Zelle. Zoom appointments are available and will be scheduled once payment is received. 

Consejera  Cristiana (Psicóloga)

Los individuos que luchan necesitan saber que un nuevo día vendrá, y que hay principios disponibles para ayudarles a recuperar y reconstruir su vida. Como Consejera Cristiana (Pastoral), utilizo una base bíblica a través de Jesucristo por el poder del Espíritu Santo. Si usted es un pastor o una pastora que necesita asesoramiento para sí mismo, toda la familia, una madre soltera, un padre viudo, un divorciado, etc. ¡hay esperanza! Nadie tiene que pasar por las dificultades de la vida solo, incluso si ha tenido un colapso moral, espiritual o emocional.

Algunas de las situaciones que atendemos son problemas emocionales de la mujer, autoestima, duelo, ayuda a pastores y líderes en el ministerio a recuperarse del dolor del adulterio y/o del fracaso moral, matrimonio heterosexual, y problemas y preparación prematrimonial, conflictos familiares, coaching de vida, divorcio, ministerio de liberación (demonización), conflictos familiares, habilidades de afrontamiento, transiciones de vida, etc.

Tengo una Maestría en Consejería Profesional y elegí no licenciarme por el estado. Soy una consejera bíblica certificada por la Asociación Americana de Consejeros Cristianos . También tengo una licenciatura de bachillerato en Estudios Multidisciplinarios con énfasis en Psicología, Religión y Consejería Bíblica, y soy ministra. 


Mis sesiones son diferentes de la mayoría de los consejeros, tanto pastorales como profesionales, ya que cada sesión es de una hora y media de duración y cuesta $125.00. Mi objetivo como consejera cristiana (pastoral) es dotarle de suficientes herramientas dentro de una a siete sesiones. La mayoría de los clientes encontrarán que dentro de este número de sesiones adquieren suficientes herramientas y estímulo para no necesitar citas semanales. Las sesiones de coaching de vida tienen el mismo costo y el número de visitas depende del cliente. Por favor, llegue a tiempo y si no puede, tendremos que terminar su sesión de acuerdo a la hora programada. Agradecemos su consideración. Las citas de zoom están disponibles y se programarán en cuanto se reciba el pago. Tipos de pago aceptados: efectivo, cheque, cash app, o Zelle. 

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