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Teresa rejoices when she sees people’s lives empowered and changed. She has compassion for the broken, especially for those who are ready to make a change. Her Pastoral Counseling philosophy is uncompromisingly relying on the Word of God (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit as the True Counselor.


A common reason individuals chose pastoral counseling rather than professional counseling is a desire to get advice through a biblical, Christian perspective. Secondly, women's issues, husband and wife conflicts, and spiritual issues such as warfare, nightmares, and other situations may also encourage the appointments.


Any potential client should know that while Teresa Lusk does have a master’s in professional counseling, she does not practice based on their theories and does not have a professional counseling license by choice. Clients can expect prayer, Scripture reading, and real-life advice.


Those who will benefit the most from this type of help are those who are ready to make a change and take ownership of their situations, circumstances, and choices.

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