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Mission: Beyond Freedom School of Ministry is an apostolically and prophetically minded training by TLM.  Our calling and purpose is to build up and prepare all the holy believers (men and women equally) to do their own works of ministry in the love and power of the Holy Spirit.  As they do this they will enlarge and build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12, inspired by The Passion Translation). See our upcoming class schedule here!

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Teresa Lusk Ministries and Beyond Freedom Church by Teresa Lusk Ministries are now accepting applications for the ordination programs. We provide two levels (licensed and ordained) that our leaders can assign you based on your application, experience, and more. Please follow the steps carefully before applying and remember that applying does not guarantee ordination and we reserve the right to refuse ordination to anyone for any reason. 

Why are we offering the opportunity for individuals to become ordained? We believe it is a call that the person (male or female) has on their life, the call of Mark 16:15-18 to go out and preach, lay hands on the sick, get baptized in the Holy Spirit, baptize others, and cast out demons. However, those who become ordained are ready to be held accountable on a greater level and be an example for the kingdom of God in the way they carry the fire wherever they go! This program has been created for those who have been in ministry for a few years and have a lifestyle of reading the Word, studying the Word, doing the Word, praying in the Spirit, and walking a holy life. 



Before you consider applying to our ordination program you must watch the "Ordination Information" video, read,  and fully agree with our statement of faith. Click here to submit fill out and submit the form. 

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Download the required study plan for our ordination levels so you know what you might need to expect. 

Download the Licensed and Ordained Requirements Here!

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Attend our Beyond Freedom School of Ministry in person.


Cost for School:

In person-FREE



Take the Winning Favor with People God's Way online training. In this training, Teresa covers ten very important principles that many seasoned ministers are not currently practicing. This training is extremely important for your servant leadership journey. We ask that you take this training as seriously as the BFSM. While this training is shorter, it is as impactful! There will be an exam included after the training. You may purchase your book here!

Have you taken the entire course? Request your test link here

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Submit your online application. Remember that your application will not be valid without:

1. Your agreement to our statement of faith

2. Attended a BFSM online or in-person

Application here



Schedule a call with TLM at to process a background check. There are no exceptions to this step. We understand that we have things in our past that are under the blood of Jesus and we will keep that in mind. Crimes against minors cannot be overlooked under the ministry. The cost for the background check is around $20 and that amount goes straight to that organization. You will need your credit card during the call. 



Take our online BFSM and Theology Assessment. Request your test links at



We will get back to you with the results of our decisions regarding your application and with the education requirements.

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Schedule your in-person or zoom interview where we will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and give you an opportunity to ask any questions. Unless you are out of state we will require an in-person interview. 

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While we are not charging for the ordination, we are asking for your best gift of $25 per month OR greater to support the work that is involved in making this happen, expanding as we see necessary and beneficial, and more.  The Bible says that the laborer is worthy of their wages and we believe that we all invest in what we value. Do you value your call? Invest in what the Lord is doing through TLM and BFC. This financial partnering is required.

Click on these links OR on the Blue bubble to scan and give.$BEYONDFREEDOMCHURCH




Once you have completed your assessments, the courses required, and all the paperwork has been submitted including your ordination agreement, we will schedule an ordination service. You are required to attend in person. You will also receive an ordination ID card. BEFORE you schedule your ordination service, please use the following checklist!

Ordination agreement here! It must be returned before we can have the service.

Email us to schedule your ordination service

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