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Welcome to the coaching and counseling part of my ministry. I look forward to coaching you differently! 

    My Story

    Did I ever share with you that I had a very rough start in life? Some circumstances were brought on by my own choices and some were unsolicited. I became a teenage mom, dropped out of school in the 8th grade, and made a mess of my life for a long time. In time, I began to long for better and for more, but unfortunately, my decisions did not reflect that desire until much later. After drug use, partying, and hanging with all the wrong people, one day, something began to change It was my mind, and then my actions followed. I began to make different choices and pick different people to surround my life with. Eventually, I went back to school and approximately 15 years later, I acquired three degrees including an Associate's in Business Administration, a Bachelor's in Biblical Counseling, and a Master's in Professional Counseling. I have been running a full-time ministry for years preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on the supernatural power of God. I've written books to empower individuals, I have been blessed to start The Teresa Lusk Show and to have been on influential media outlets such as Newsmax, Cheddar News, Scripps National News, Fox Radio, WBAP, The Rich Valdes show, and more. I personally know how hard it is to beat the defeating thoughts, feel confused about decisions, live on the edge also known as "by faith", to give it all you have, and then again the next day with no evidence of your determination. I also know the pleasure of succeeding and watching people's lives turn for the best within the first coaching or counseling encounter because the presence and wisdom of God are at the foundation of how I help individuals. If you are ready, the time is NOW! So how can I serve you? Do you have emotional baggage? Fear of moving forward? Do you want to start a ministry or business but don't have the courage or direction? Has written a book been on your "to-do", but you need accountability from a coach? My background is extensive and I look forward to coaching you differently! 

    God Bless,

    Teresa Lusk

    ExecYou Coach Founder

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